Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In the Beauty Room ❘ Makeup Brushes

Chanel 7 Blush Brush
I love love LOVE my Chanel Le Pinceau Joues #7 Blush Brush. I have tried many other high end and inexpensive blush brushes and nothing seems to work as well. It applies power blushes effortlessly and so flawlessly, which makes this brush replaceable in my beauty bag.
M·A·C 210 Precise Eye Liner
I mostly only wear Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyelinerit's my favorite. So finding a brush that will allow me to have total control is a must have for me. The MAC eyeliner brush in #210 has been my all time favorite. I love this brush because it allows you to have that sleek thin line with the versatility of building a thicker line or winged out.
M·A·C 252 Large Shader Brush
This brush was one of the first brushes I had ever bought from MAC. It was during the holidays when MAC releases their holiday brush sets. I later bought the MAC 239 in addition to the MAC 252 and I always found myself going back to the MAC 252 brush. It's the perfect brush to apply your lid color one sweep of eyeshadow and you're done.
M·A·C 224 Tapered Blending Brush
I love blending brushes but if I could only choose one it would always be a MAC 224 blending brush. You can place pigments directly on your crease and blend your eyeshadows with ease. I find that it's the most versatile blending brush and time saver when you want to use more than just a single lid color.
M·A·C 227 Large Fluff Brush
This brush makes a world of difference for finishing your eyeshadow and its everygirl's must have. I use it to apply pigments close to my brow. It's the best brush for applying your highlighter color and also cleaning up and blending any uneven eyeshadows.

I bought these brushes over the years and they have all maintained their shape and the bristles feel just the same as when I first bought them. But its important to always spot clean your brushes after every use and deep clean them once a week to keep your brushes feeling brand new.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
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