Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Always Timeless...

Tops: Forever 21 old ❘ Bottoms: Gap ❘ Shoes: J.Crew ❘ Bag: Kate Spade (Love this one) ❘ Necklace: Kate Spade old ❘ Watch: Michael Kors (similar) ❘ Bangle: Kate Spade ❘ Bracelet: J.Crew

I wore this look over the weekend and absolutely fell in love with my basics from Kate Spade all over again. It’s always fun to find these pieces and being able to style them again because of their classic and timeless feel to them. In other news this season of Pretty Little Liars is insane! I tuned into the show a few seasons ago and can’t stop watching it.

Who else is watching #PLL tonight?!

Thanks so much for reading

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