Monday, October 27, 2014

What's on my iPhone 6 ...

Bag: Tory Burch ❘ Rings: J.Crew , Ariella ❘ Nail Polish: Essie in Fiji

Top 4 apps for my iPhone 6

NBC News - This app is invaluable especially while I was in college and didn't have the television running in the evening. Because it sends push notifications of breaking news and updates.
IMDB - I'm always so curious to know what other movies certain characters have starred in and this app tell me everything about past movies and new releases.
Pandora - Whether I'm getting ready for the day or working on things on my laptop I always have pandora turned on and don't have to flip through playlist every second.
Nordstrom - I'm a Nordys girl it's no surprise but I love this app because I can check if my local Nordstrom has something instock right from my phone and can skip a trip downtown during the weekdays.

I hope you had a fab weekend
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